Monday, January 12, 2015

Event Pick-- Watch John Kozlar's Hypnotic Campaign Video-- Monday January 12

Maybe it is the fugue state vibe of the post-holiday season, the stultifying torpor that came with the November 4 election results, or the unending stream of ebola click-bait that I daily wash my brain in in-lieu of actual information----but it has become a little bit hard for me to get excited about the 11th ward aldermanic race, and I haven't heard very many people talking about it in Bridgeport either.

Hell, even the media can't even be bothered to spell the outgoing alderman's name correctly.

This is a fucking shame because the narrative is golden. Patrick "Daley, Baby" Thompson, machine heir and ruddy faced Irish bureaucrat,  squared off against dark horses Maureen Sullivan and John Kozlar--the first women candidate to ever run in the ward, and a law student who allegedly lives with his parents*, respectively.

With the election a month and some change away, it's time to get fired up on this shit again. We should at least make sure we become informed enough to vote for the candidate who is least likely to take away our trash cans.

John Kozlar's Campaign video

John Kozlar's video is hypnotic. (See above.)

The ambient music that accompanies his wordless release comes from an uncredited composer, but its microwave-like rotating whirlwind of minor chords lulls you into an unspecified variety of motivational trance.

The video is made up of zooming picture stills of an abandoned parking lot, a newly sodded field, volunteers working together, in an order non-specific to the telling of an actual story. The story is not explained in the video. For those in the know, the video depicts the building of the newish Canaryville Little League stadium that Kozlar spearheaded. An accomplishment that should not be undersold, and which Kozlar has certainly not undersold, even calling for another stadium as depicted in this Facebook photo set. For the uninitiated, the pictures could probably depict a number of things:

1. The paving over of an indian burial ground in rural Pennsylvania.
2. The paving over of an indian burial ground in urban Pennsylvania.
3. The building of a little league stadium in another neighborhood.

As the Bridgeport International's offical naturalist said--"We don't need this, we need a video where he articulates his vision for the future."

*No shade, my parental units toss me cash sometimes too.

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