Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Party Update: Kozlar @ Fabulous Freddie's

Our lithe and beautiful intern, @samstecky, is reporting live from John Kozlar's party at Fabulous Freddie's.

He reports thus:

"I'm here"

"No pizza, looks like salad and beer?"

"Kozlar is 'feeling good' "

"He looks shaky and nervous as hell though"

AlderManic Panic

We don't know how many people have voted. At 5PM--only 100 people had voted at the 9th District Police Station. That's about as good and verifiable a sample size as the only poll conducted about the 11th ward race.  The BI had to drag teenagers off the street in-between their runs to Wing Stop and make them vote.

 Early results point to a possible run-off between Thompson and Kozlar. (WTF).

We'll be covering election parties tonight. Kozlar's is at Fabulous Freddie's. BI Intern Sam Stecklow should be arriving soon. Sullivan's is at her office at Morgan and 34th. PDT has announced NO party. MAYBE HE KNEW IT WOULD BE A RUNOFF.

The Bridgeport International has been alternately weeping and shaking with rage all day. We should have gotten interviews we should have gotten the scoop! We should have been FOIAing since the summer. This race feels really important and under researched. 

Questions left unanswered by candidates:

If you were throwing out the first pitch at Sox Stadium—what theme song would you have played?

What is the last move you saw in theaters?

What will you do to bring Rudy home?

If you (hypothetically) caught me writing in chalk on the outside of the aldermanic office “More Trashcans…Long Live the Bridgeport International”

Would you 

A. Call the police and send me to jail. 
B. Have me wash it off with a bucket and water hastily borrowed from Schaller’s Pump.
C. Say “You damn hipster!”

Will you get me a patronage job?

Election Results: Tuesday 7:35

Holy shit. Do we know anything about Kozlar besides the fact that he built a stadium?
What kind of music does he like? Is he Hazel Motes from Flannery O'Connor's novel Wise Blood?
Is this indicative of further results? Did Daley thugs really break ballot seals?

Editor's Note: Maureen Sullivan Would be the Chillest Alderman #BIElection Coverage

She also told the BI she'd make them a punk CD mix.

These views do not represent the publishers of the Bridgeport International or anyone else that would be pissed off. 

Go Vote!! 11th Ward Go Vote!!! @BportINTL Election Coverage

Democracy Update:

I know we already voted in November but GOOD CHRIST IT IS TIME TO VOTE AGAIN.

Get in the mood with this original song by KEVINandHELL and the Bridgeport International, specially written to promote voting.

Where is your voting place?

Check out:

Polls close at 7PM--get out there folks!! And make good choices.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Jobs Listings: Cermak Produce

Cermak Produce, 3033 S Halsted Street, appears to be hiring. 

You could be the hog butcher for the world. Or at least for Cermak. I think the first title goes to Iowa now.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Event Pick---CYC Valentine's Day Dance & Typeforce 6 Opening at Co-Pro--Friday, February 13

CYC Youth Center at 844 W 32nd St
Typeforce Six Opening at Co-Prosperity Sphere until 11PM tonight & the CYC Annual Valentine's Day Dance until 9PM. 

Check out the extended audio version of our event pick, including interviews with the organizers of the Valentine's Day Dance.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Get a Job! Bridgeport Job Listing & RIP ISS Mart--Monday, February 9th

Help wanted sign posted in the window of 623 W 31st St, at the former site of ISS Market (review of the defunct ISS below the jump). 

Peeping through the window a few weeks ago revealed elaborate amounts of decorative bamboo being set up in the space. The voicemail message sounded like an alien language overdubbed with a foreign language, so you might have to show some persistence to score this position.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Street Fashion--Saturday, February 7th--Bport Coffee

Hey Christian, Who are You Wearing?

"I'm wearing something I bought in Colorado 7 years ago. It was on sale. A little shop in Breckenridge."
Benton House Heir-Christian Lennon-Photo: Netiya "Shiny" Shiner

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Side Street Clearing in Bridgeport

Plow location as of 1:48 AM Tuesday. 

Side streets are still looking pretty rough in Bridgeport, but camaraderie has never been higher.