Sunday, November 28, 2010

Bridgeport (11th Ward) Aldermanic Election

Steve Vance runs a local business blog. He's helped start a Bridgeport neighbors group on facebook, too. He is going to ask the five Aldermanic candidates for the 11th Ward some questions. It looks like we have five candidates!
  • James Balcer – Current 11th Ward Alderman. Office at 3659 S Halsted Street.
  • John Kozlar – University of Chicago student, Canaryville Little League coach.
  • Steve McNulty – No information at this time.
  • Carl Segvich – Ran for 11th District Cook County Commissioner, lost to John Daley. Currently the elected 11th Ward Republican Committeeman.
  • Jay Verdugo – Lawyer at Anthony J. Peraica & Associates since 2008.

Steve's questions look like a soft effort, so we hope he asks them to answer a few difficult questions like these:

What exactly is the job of an alderman? Describe what you are supposed to do.

What is your overall vision for the future of the 11th Ward?

What will you do to help create jobs in the ward?

How can you use your office to improve the overall quality of Life in the neighbohood?

How will you help businesses in the neighborhood? What specifically can and will you do to enable new businesses to start in the Ward?

Can you explain what the Tax Increment Financing Program is?

How will you use the Tax Incremental Finance money for use in our ward?

Will you help bring back the 31st Street CTA bus line?

Will you help community groups start community gardens on city owned vacant lots?

Where do u think the gang problems are in the Ward? What will you do to address the gang problems in the ward?

What improvements are needed in our public and private schools?
What can you do to help improve the education of our children ?

What City of Chicago Services are you in favor of privatizing? And how would you do it?

Are you in favor of Live/work spaces for artists and other Creative Industries? What can you do to help rezone industrial properties to be converted to live/work spaces?

How will you improve our civic services: road repair, sewer repairs, etc?

Are you a supporter of Labor Unions?

Do you consider yourself a "green"? Are you in favor of sustainable urban practices?

What will you do to improve race relations in the Ward?

What can you do to help citizens of the Ward deal with unethical foreclosure of their properties by local banks?

How accessible will you be to the citizens of the Ward? Please explain how the average ward resident can contact you about an issue they are concerned about.

We'll be keeping close attention...