Sunday, January 11, 2015

Event Pick-- Eat at MeztiSoy in Pilsen -- Sunday January 11

It is rare for me to promote leaving Bridgeport for any extended period of time, but MeztiSoy, on 18th St between Paulina and Walcott, is delicious enough, and close enough, that you should get your act together and stop in. Or get your friend with a car to drive you.

If you are hippy scum like me, you sometimes wake up wanting "vegan scrambled eggs" and a smoothie with "random ass vegetables" in it. That shit is not available in Bridgeport, unless you make it at home, and my home is full of beer bottles. MeztiSoy will hook it up for under $10, and then you hang and use the wifi in a chill "natural" version of a Mexican grocery store.

They have dank salsa. They have two kinds of homemade soy chorizo. They have vegan cactus tacos. And the McGuane Park water polo team was spotted having a team meal here, so you know it's legit.

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