Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Event Pick--Free Ticket to David Lynch Documentary--Tuesday January 13

Email BridgeportInternational@gmail.com to be entered to win a free ticket to the sold-out documentary "David Lynch: Meditation, Creativity, and Peace" playing at the Vittum Theater tonight at 7:30, put on by the Chicago branch of the David Lynch Foundation.
About the film after the jump.

Where does David Lynch get all those ideas? Why is he so prolific over so many years with iconic works of film, photography, music, and painting? And what's the deal with meditation?

Five years ago, a team of filmmakers set out to answer those questions. They followed Lynch on a 16-country tour throughout Europe, Israel, and Brazil, documenting a series of his lectures at top international film schools along with revealing, one-on-one media interviews on Lynch's art, creative processes, and Transcendental Meditation. The footage has been compiled into this extraordinary 71-minute film, "Meditation, Creativity, Peace.

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