Monday, February 22, 2010

The BI in the NYT

The Bridgeport International was featured in the Sunday New York Times!
It was super hard to find copy and we had to go to the Dominicks on Roosevelt to get a copy.
Read the little shout out here!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Call for Articles!

The March issue of The Bridgeport International is in the works. We are looking for recipes, interviews with residents, and a few good stories about your favorite places, people and things in the neighborhood. Email for guidelines. Deadline is Feb 27, 2010.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Pull a Democratic Ballot on Tuesday.

The Democratic Party Primary ballot will be the most contested and interesting ballot to vote in. Please do you duty as a Bridgeportian. Vote Early and Often!

Statewide Candidates

United States Senator: #2 Hoffman
Governor: Dan Hynes
Lt. Governor: #19 Ricky Hendon
Attorney General: #23 Lisa Madigan (Unopposed)
Secretary of State: #24 Jesse White (Unopposed)
Comptroller: #27 Clint Krislov
Treasurer: #29 Robin Kelly

Congressional Candidates

US Representative 3rd District: #42 Jorge Mujica

State Cental Committeewoman 3rd District:
#51 Helen A Ozmina Barc (Running Unopposed)

State Cental Committeewoman 3rd District:
#53 Michael Madigan (Running Unopposed)

State Senator 1st District: We are leaving it blank

State Representative - 2nd District:
#74 - Josip ‘Joe’ Trutin

Cook County Candidates

President of Cook County Board: #95 Toni Preckwinkle
Cook County Clerk: #101 David D. Orr (Unopposed)
Cook County Sheriff: #102 Thomas J. Dart
Cook County Treasurer: #104 Maria Pappas (Unopposed)
Cook County Assessor: #107 - Raymond Figueroa
Cook County Board Commissioner: 111- John Daley

Metropolitan Water Reclamation District Commissioner:
You can vote for Three We only endorse ONE!
#84 - Mariyana T Spyropoulos

Reccomended: #167 Joanne F. Fehn

Your vote matters!


Here is a big fact: In our voting district a few hundred voters have the ability to upset business as usual.

If you plan on voting on February 2, 2010 for the primary ballot we suggest you check out for information on where your polling place is located. There is a reason they made the primary happen in the dead of winter. They really don’t want you to vote. It helps the incumbents.

We have made endorsements for the three parties running in the coming primary election: The Democrats, Republicans and The Greens.

Feel free to bring this newsletter with you to the polls.

However, you shouldn’t just rely on our opinion. We suggest you conduct your own research.

Try these papers and websites for advice: ( ) shows endorsements of candidates by everyone from the Chicago Sun Times and the Federation of Labor to the Homer/Lockport Tea Party.

Chicago Sun Times: check out their Voter’s Guide.

Chicago Tribune

Chicago Reader: You can read some of the best reporting about our local officials at the reader website. Start with the Clout City blog.