Thursday, April 30, 2015

Don't forget...come learn about Bubbly Creek Restoration today at 6 at the Daley Library...

Army Corp of Engineers will be available to answer your questions...check out the report

Maybe they will have a sample of this hybrid fish ft. in the report.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Public Meeting Thursday at Daley Library about FIXING BUBBLY CREEK

The Army Corps of Engineers has released a proposal to revamp Bubbly Creek.

Check out DNA Info's summary, read the proposal yourself, or wait for the Bridgeport International to summarize the meeting.


Friday, April 24, 2015

The Version Fest 2nd Day Curse--Bridgeport Rumours

"I'm worried he's going to drop that bench on his head", says Marian of the Go Intel Prosperity Sphere, "The second day of Version Fest something always bad happens so I'm feeling paranoid."

Come to Version Fest.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

The video on this link is a must-watch, especially for the photo collage at the of rahms numerous violations.

Not sure how we missed this story....

h/t chicagoist

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Alderman Balcer 911 Call

Not sure how we glossed over this story back in February,

AUDIO: Ald. Jim Balcer Calls 911 After Plow Hits Canaryville Man

Tuesday, April 14, 2015


Hey contributor to the Bridgeport International here. My name is Marchefski and I've lived on the south side of chicago for 65 years and I'm only 60!
Ha-ha. This is being typed by my wife, Ethel, who is much better are computers than I am.
Must be all those classes down at the library.

Ethel make sure you type everything I say! Could you pass me a beer? Don't type that though Ethel. What are you typing? Ok let's do the list now.

Top 6 Ways to Get Fit for Summer In Bridgeport

  1. Stand in front of the 9th District Police Station and moon the officers through the glass windows. You'll be running in no time. 
  2. Draw with some chalk on the front of the Ward Office. When the police come by, start running! 
  3. Get a free trial class at Bridgeport Boxing Club, then when you are about to leave tell owner Frankie "Timebomb" Scalise  that his right hook looks like a soggy manicotti noodle.  Run, or fight, you'll get a workout. 
  4. Go into Ricobene's and tell the owners that their breaded steak tastes like soggy manicotti noodle. Someone will run after you. 
  5. Swim laps in Bubbly Creek. One of the ensuing illnesses you get will help you lose weight.
  6. Do a free trial Kettleball class at Rockfit. Ask owner Rock Cox what his middle name is. He won't chase you but the class will make you tired.

We gotta go practice for St. Barbara's Thursday Bingo now, but see you all around!

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

What even is in the covenent? This election is like a mystery novel...smh...

Don't Forget to Vote--What's Going to Happen Tonight?

Polls are open until 7PM tonight. Look up your polling place here .

Too bad election day came so soon, the Bridgeport International Club House built out of campaign mailers was almost finished. As was our paper trail to nowhere.

(One-sided) inside sources say " We've been polling. Thompson is gonna get 53% of the vote."

If money counts, Thompson is going to win. He's been getting stacked with bills in these last few weeks. I'd link to the election finance website but I think it costs $400,000 just to google it.

Not sure what will happen, but you can be sure the Bridgeport International will be hiding out somewhere on the North Side until Wednesday comes.

People will probably be drinking and hugging at Maria's.

Friday, April 3, 2015

Bobak's Closed on Archer--A Note From the King Sausageologist

H/T to Maureen Sullivan's Facebook for the Press Release

I once biked to Bobak's in a thunder storm and found a kingdom of Polish goods at devastatingly cheap prices. Knockwurts and brautwursts and premade Hunters Stew and pickles out of the barrel. 
My polish friend asked me to pick up "Kabanosy" --- a special kind of sausage that transformed his voice into a low and majestic tone when he pronounced it-- played it back for the cashiers @Bobak's and they knew exactly what to give me. 

RIP Bobak's---none of your speciality goods seem to be available online or in stores.