Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Event Pick--I'm About to Bring a Weird Vegan Cake to Marias's Come Eat Some-- Wednesday January 14

Happy birthday to the writer behind our column The Bridgeport Naturalist... in honor of his birthday I will be bringing a weird tasting vegan cake to Maria's, right now.

An excerpt from his column in our upcoming Winter 2015 Issue after the jump...

The Bridgeport Naturalist: Urban Birds

"...To get a good view of the diversity of pigeons in the winter, a competent observer must be willing to go to a loop L platform on a very cold day. Once the mercury drops near zero, pigeons will huddle under the heaters or in other warm, sheltered places in large numbers. During the first polar vortex event of 2014, it was so cold that the birds were unperturbed by the presence of humans, finding it too cold to run from predators. This author observed a flock of about thirty shuffle to the other side of the heated shelter when approached..."

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