Friday, May 15, 2015

James Balcer's Last Day, 11th Ward Inauguration, and Mayor's Day of Service

A call to the ward office...May 15, 4:02 PM

"Is today Alderman Balcer's last day or Monday?"


"Is he around?"

(small laugh.) "No, he's not around. You can leave a message."

"Will he get it?"

"I don't know if he'll get it. He's retired."

(muttered.) "So he's not going to respond to my other messages?"

It is with small fanfare and an early Friday that 11th Ward Alderman for 17 years,  James Balcer, takes his leave of the office.

Perhaps there were others, but I believe I witnessed Alderman Balcer's retirement speech at the Bubbly Creek restoration meeting at the Daley Library a few weeks ago.

Hopefully new Bridgeport radio station...WLPN will get an interview with Balcer. 

But in the meantime, this weekend is RAHM EMANUEL PRESENTS TM: Inauguration Weekend.

Including: Ward Cleanup Events at UnGodly Hours TM--help clean the viaduct at 1800 S Union. 
Hope they provide some gas masks...try not get Cryptococcosis. I can't make it but I'd like to know how one "cleans" a viaduct? Pressure washers and bleach? 

And don't forget, incoming Alderman Thompson will be sworn in this Monday at the Chicago Theater.  Guests only, hope you got your ticket already.  

And I guess ward office hours will start right after the ceremony ends at 12:30?
 Start practicing your pothole grievances in the mirror. 

"It's two-three inches deep!" 

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