Tuesday, April 14, 2015


Hey guys...new contributor to the Bridgeport International here. My name is Marchefski and I've lived on the south side of chicago for 65 years and I'm only 60!
Ha-ha. This is being typed by my wife, Ethel, who is much better are computers than I am.
Must be all those classes down at the library.

Ethel make sure you type everything I say! Could you pass me a beer? Don't type that though Ethel. What are you typing? Ok let's do the list now.

Top 6 Ways to Get Fit for Summer In Bridgeport

  1. Stand in front of the 9th District Police Station and moon the officers through the glass windows. You'll be running in no time. 
  2. Draw with some chalk on the front of the Ward Office. When the police come by, start running! 
  3. Get a free trial class at Bridgeport Boxing Club, then when you are about to leave tell owner Frankie "Timebomb" Scalise  that his right hook looks like a soggy manicotti noodle.  Run, or fight, you'll get a workout. 
  4. Go into Ricobene's and tell the owners that their breaded steak tastes like soggy manicotti noodle. Someone will run after you. 
  5. Swim laps in Bubbly Creek. One of the ensuing illnesses you get will help you lose weight.
  6. Do a free trial Kettleball class at Rockfit. Ask owner Rock Cox what his middle name is. He won't chase you but the class will make you tired.

We gotta go practice for St. Barbara's Thursday Bingo now, but see you all around!


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